Thông tin tuyển dụng IT sang Mỹ: FLEX/JAVA developer

634606414799272554 Thông tin tuyển dụng IT sang Mỹ: FLEX/JAVA developerMột người bạn Việt kiều nhờ tìm một nhân viên IT trẻ để làm việc cho bạn ấy tại Washington DC. Thời gian đầu là STC – tư vấn ngắn hạn (150 ngày/năm) sau đó là dài hạn (2 năm) và có thể lâu hơn. Đương nhiên, tiếng Anh phải giỏi, đọc, viết, nói thông thạo. Anh bạn ưu tiên cho các bạn trẻ hiện đang sống tại VN.

Bà con nào có con/cháu còn trẻ (30-35 tuổi), muốn sang Mỹ làm việc thì xem TOR dưới đây. Hạn chót nộp CV là 6-1-2012. Cảm ơn bà con đã chú ý.

FLEX/JAVA developer

The Enterprise Architecture Department of the Information Management and Technology (IMT) VPU is responsible for providing the institutional framework to ensure alignment of information technology solutions with business strategies. Integrated Planning System (IPS) is one of the initiatives in the Department’s portfolio.

IPS is a single planning and monitoring tool for the Bank that can be used by Regions, Networks and FACs to plan and monitor resources, staff and outputs at the Corporate, VPU and Unit levels.

We are currently searching for an experienced Flex Developer with experience in building complex and interactive Adobe Flex applications using Adobe LiveCycle to join our team on a full time basis at our Washington DC location.

The ideal candidate will be well versed in Application Design and Coding, as well as QA. She/he will also be able to work well in a team environment and provide input and suggestions in all aspects of the Adobe Flex development life cycle to the other members of the technology group.


Work with internal development team throughout the Software Development Lifecycle.
Develop applications according to business specifications.

Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or related discipline.

5 + years of Software Development experience.
3 + years of experience working with J2EE/Java.
3 + years of experience in Adobe Flex development.
Strong knowledge of MXML, Action Script 3.0 programming (including object oriented coding, events, class/package structures, wrapper template).
Experience with Pure MVC, Cairngorm, and other Flex frameworks, charting tools.
Extensive knowledge of LiveCycleDS.
Knowledge of UI performance issues and improvement techniques.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
Work with cross functional teams in agile environment.
Desire to engage in extremely challenging assignments. Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills.
Adequate knowledge of Transact-SQL (T-SQL).
Adequate knowledge and understanding of Unified Modeling Language (UML).
Some knowledge of JPA or Hibernate is desirable.

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